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What are the benefits of hiring a nanny?

Children thrive when they are well cared for by a nurturing and attentive child care provider in the comfort of their own home. The one on one care and interaction that a nanny provides gives children a deep sense of self worth and security. Since nannies typically stay with a family for a minimum of one year, the consistent relationship that children have with their caregiver allows them to develop a meaningful bond with a caring adult that has the children’s best interest at heart.

And because the children are cared for in their own home, parents don’t have to rush to get everyone out of the house in the morning and off to day care (which often leads to a chaotic and stressful start to the day for everyone!), providing the ultimate in child care convenience.

Children cared for by nannies are also less likely to become sick because they aren’t exposed to the many germs that large groups of children bring into traditional day care environments. And unlike child care centers, nannies are able to provide child care for mildly sick children, therefore parents don’t have to rearrange their work schedule or find last minute backup care should their child become sick.

Why should you use an agency?

I know that there are many different child care agencies out there and it is hard to know which one to use! By using Second City Nannies®, you get access to the highest caliber of nannies who are truly excited to work with your children. The care providers I choose to work with are rigorously screened and interviewed, references are checked, education is verified, with a thorough in- depth nanny background check. My care providers often bring years of nanny experience, teaching/tutoring, camp counseling, therapeutic or arts education experience with them.

How long will it take find our nanny?

In general, I recommend allowing four- six weeks for a search, though some are successfully concluded in less time.

How do you evaluate your nannies?

Second City Nannies® makes sure all applicants have 3 verifiable nanny references that DO NOT include friends or family. I personally interview each nanny, assess each nanny’s attitude and work ethic. I check for picture ID, proof of employment eligibility, past employment via phone, and run a thorough nanny background check that covers driving record, sex offender registry, social security trace/ and address history.

I pride myself on being very selective in the hiring process and only recruit the best for Second City Nannies® clients review.

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