Placement Services

Second City Nannies® placement process, fees, and your options:

Full  Time Nanny – $2,500
(30-55 hours per week)
Lives outside of your home, usually long term, perfect for the working family. 

Part Time Nanny –  $1,800
(1-29 hours per week)
Lives outside of your home, come and go nanny, ideal for a family looking for coverage on days children aren’t attending preschool.

Household Manager – $2,500
A household manager usually takes care of children by dropping off,  picking up children from school, and special activities. Also, assisting with the larger things within the household to make sure the home is running smoothly.

Summer/ Temporary Nanny – $1,250
(A summer nanny usually works June- August). Temporary Nanny usually works  less than 90 days.) Ÿ

Nanny Share – $3,000 ($1,500 each family!)
(More than one family employs the same nanny for childcare).
Nanny Shares are typically a permanent position, keep in mind that it’s up to you and the other family to figure out what works for your families. A few popular ways to share a nanny.

~ Split a nanny’s week with another family (one family 3 days and the other 2 days.) 
Both families use the nanny full-time. The nanny is always with both kids, switch off  houses or do it at one house or the other. 
One family uses the nanny full-time, the other part-time and joins the original family.

Night Nanny – $3,000
(Are usually very flexible and work between the hours of 8PM-6:00AM or 9:PM-7:00AM)


Our Process: 

  1. Fill Out and Submit our “Family Application” form
  2. Once we have received your form we will contact you with any additional questions, and email our terms and conditions
  3. Sign and Submit our terms & conditions.
  4. Review potential nanny matches
  5. Second City Nannies® will schedule all interviews with nannies
  6. Select your nanny, its that simple!