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“By the books” No Problem!
We’ve partnered with BreedLove’s MyHomePay Program, our friends at BreedLove will answer all of those tough questions you may have about nanny taxes with, guidance from the experts.  You do not have to hire a nanny through Second City Nannies to use this service.

Nanny Background Checks
Useful for families who find a nanny on their own, but would like the added security of having an in depth professional background check. Our custom nanny background checks are especially designed for childcare candidates.

$200 Essential Nanny Background Check:
The essential check includes: 2 national criminal searches, social security trace, address history, multiple name criminal search, driving records, sex-offender registry.

$300 Essential Nanny Background Check & Reference Check:
Includes nanny background check plus your candidates references checked.