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We are excited to work with you to help place you with a family. The information you provide on the application will help us in this process.

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Date Available


Desired length of employment

Position Desired:
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Number of children you would like to care for?

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Duties you are willing to perform (check all that apply):
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Please indicate which of the following meals you are willing to prepare:
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Please indicate if you are willing to drive the children to the following:
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 To activites From activities
 To friends' homes From friends' homes

Are you allergic to any animals?

Are you willing to care for the animal?

Are you interested in babysitting for other families?
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Can you swim?
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CPR Certified?

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Insurance Policy?
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Employment History (starting with most recent)

Employer 1

Address (Employer 1)

City, State, Zip Code (Employer 1)

Phone (Employer 1)

Children's Ages (Employer 1)

Date Started (Employer 1)

Date Left (Employer 1)

Reason for Leaving (Employer 1)

Ending Salary (Employer 1)

Job Duties, be specific (Employer 1) :

Employer 2

Address (Employer 2)

City, State, Zip Code (Employer 2)

Phone (Employer 2)

Children's Ages (Employer 2)

Date Started (Employer 2)

Date Left (Employer 2)

Reason for Leaving (Employer 2)

Ending Salary (Employer 2)

Job Duties, be specific (Employer 2) :

Employer 3

Address (Employer 3)

City, State, Zip Code (Employer 3)

Phone (Employer 3)

Children's Ages (Employer 3)

Date Started (Employer 3)

Date Left (Employer 3)

Reason for Leaving (Employer 3)

Ending Salary (Employer 3)

Job Duties, be specific (Employer 3) :

Other Employment References:

Other Employment Reference 1:

Name (1)

Address / Business (1)

Phone Number (1)

Other Employment Reference 2:

Name (2)

Address / Business (2)

Phone Number (2)

Other Employment Reference 3:

Name (3)

Address / Business (3)

Phone Number (3)

Please provide two character references (work, school, religious, community):

Reference 1:

Name (Reference 1)

Phone (Reference 1)

Relationship (Reference 1)

Reference 2:

Name (Reference 2)

Phone (Reference 2)

Relationship (Reference 2)

Please write a short autobiography describing yourself, your interests, talents, school activities, and theories on how children should be treated and disciplined. What role will you as a nanny play in the lives of the children you are caring for? (This autobiography will be shared with your potential family).

I have completed this application as accurately and precisely as possible. I understand that any of the aforementioned references and/or employers can ansd will be contacted for verification of this information, and I understand that I may be subjected to a background check in addition to Trustline.

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