My Experience and Pride as a Nanny

Every nanny has at least one treasured moment they will always cherish in their hearts. Whether it’s the day you witness the children in your care acquire a skill that you worked so hard to develop, an outstanding report from their teachers regarding their manners and vocabulary, or the simple “thank you for all that you do” notes you receive from your bosses showing their appreciation. Every nanny has a “proud nanny moment” as every dedicated nanny should. Here are my “proud nanny moments” and reasons I seriously love the nanny profession.

Nanny Confetti-

I always knew I wanted to be part of children’s lives, to be a friend and advocate.  When I was growing up I would daydream about the days of becoming a teacher and seeing bright eyed children, eager to learn, and happy to see me.  Although I didn’t go the “conventional route” of achieving my dreams, I got something better, I became a nanny!

It all started when I became a teacher’s assistant in a preschool classroom, when the school year was over I was approached about becoming a summer nanny.  I was thrilled, I was so flattered my skills assisting in a preschool classroom were noticed!  I was truly up for the adventure filled days ahead! I spent that summer in parks, taking long walks, trips to the library on rainy days, and trips getting ice-cream on hot days.  It was then, that I knew I had made the correct decision, by following my desire to become a nanny.

Fast forward to 2007 I met my “first family” I cared for a lovely, rambunctious, sweet little girl named Lyla.  Lyla was “something special” she challenged and motivated me to be the best, and brought out all my hidden talents you need to become a successful nanny.  It also helped that I was a mother myself to a little girl, then 7 years old.  Applying my skills as a mother to my very first nanny position came easily and flowed nicely into Lyla’s schedule.  I assisted Lyla for the first 3 years of her life, I gave her the special attention she needed.  I took on the role of Mom and Dad, while they were away. I had become her friend and teacher (in a sense) and encouraged Lyla’s parents as well, as first time parents.  I supported them by sending cute photos of Lyla’s day, her achievements, and her cute smiles.  I was able to keep her parents involved in her life, while they stayed active in their careers.

So, while I didn’t become the school teacher I longed to be. I had become an amazing nanny! I continue to work as a loyal, loving nanny to this very day. I often think about Lyla, and all the other children whose lives I had the honor of being part of.  The imprint a passionate nanny leaves on the children she cared for, is just as permanent as the ones they leave on us.  I really cherish the moments I spent with every child in my life, and they hold a special place in my heart.  I’m proud that my skills and expertise were highly valued with these families. I honestly feel there isn’t a career in the world where you actually make your bosses home life better, giving them peace of mind throughout the day. That’s something to be proud of!