Let your child make mistakes. Knowing when to step in and when to step back can be tough, but it’s also one of the best parenting tools you have. Making mistakes are important lessons in life, the “cause and effect” , and more importantly your child gains confidence when they bounce back from them. Helping your child or teen fix mistakes can also be counter- productive in life lessons.   

Letting Go. Granting independence doesn’t have to mean that anything goes… think of it as expanding your child’s boundaries. Hanging around while your child’s school friend is over, or lurking in the background when your child is at the playground isn’t a way for them to gain independence. Giving your child freedom and letting go shows your trust in your child that they can make good choices while your not around, and boost their self- esteem and confidence. It’s a win- win!

Age- appropriate parenting. It makes sense that a teen needs different parenting than infants or toddlers and young adults require different parenting than teens, but sometimes this form of parenting isn’t always automatic. It’s no longer necessary to punish your child with “time outs” or rewarding them with a sticker for good behavior. The best parenting is guidance that’s age-appropriate and that speaks to your child’s unique needs and stage development. As your child becomes an adult your role as a parent will shift. You can now become less of a micro-manager and more of a role model. Your child will now receive consequences from their own environment when poor choices are made, rather than you. This is a good thing. So enjoy your new role!